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Catsitter - taking care of a cat in its home

Catsitter is a service in which a person comes to your home, or rather your cat's home. Cats are homemakers, here they feel comfortable and safe in their corners in familiar smells. Sometimes, however, you need to go on a well-deserved vacation or an urgent business trip, and then you may need care for your cat. The benefits of such in-home care are considerable, as it allows the cat to remain in the comfort of its own familiar home, instead of being confined to a small cage in the unfamiliar space of an animal hotel. It also avoids taking the cat into a carrier, a long car ride and ending up in a hotel where they look at animals disapprovingly. Leaving the cat at home eliminates stress and protects its mental health.

Caring for a cat at home can be a one-time visit to the cat for short trips. For longer ones, it's a minimum of 2 visits per day, although more comfortable for the cat will be 3 visits. On visits, the caregiver will take care of the cleanliness of the cat's litter box, give the cat food according to its diet, and make sure that proper drinking is available. It is also extremely important to play with the cat, talk stroking or just sit. Such visits last a minimum of half an hour, but more often about an hour, here the length is determined by the cat, whether it is eager for contact or rather stressed by the presence.

For cats that are used to the constant presence of people in the house, you can consider the option of multi-hour visits, or, for example, with overnight stays. Visits to sick cats combined with injections, or pills (sometimes successful) are an option.

Opiekuję się kotami

Agnieszka siedzi przed starą chałupa z małym kociątkiem w objęciach

My name is Agnes, I have a degree in art and am currently retired. I do interior and furniture design. In addition to fine arts, my great passion is animals and birds. From among the birds I distinguish storks, I travel around Poland observing them and gaining knowledge about them. Of animals, I value cats the most. Their independent character, their ability to transform from cute furry animals into warriors.

Catsitter how much does it cost?

A single visit to the cat 40 zł, two visits a day 75 zł, three visits a day 110 zł. Residents of Sadyba, Stegny, Sielce and Czerniakow can expect a 10% discount. Further addresses in and around Warsaw with a commuting allowance depending on the address..
In cases of multi-hour or round-the-clock care of the cat 35 zł/hour.
zł = PLN = polska waluta.

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